Screenshots from 2015 monographs

As a courtesy to potential users, the links below display screen shots of one of our 2015 dosing algorithms to allow users a feel for how different devices display the Tool Book content.

Please note, these screenshots are now out-of-date since content throughout the Tool Book is updated as needed during each academic year. A yearly review of the Tool Book's content happens during the second quarter of each year.

The Aminoglycoside Dosing Algorithm was chosen as an example, because when viewed as a whole (see full size), it is one of our most complex dosing pathways. Yet on a mobile device and on the web, this large and complex algorithm renders in a way that is easy-to-follow, regardless of the viewing platform.

Please note that these screen shots are now outdated and should not be used for clinical care. The most recent algorithm can only be viewed within the current online or mobile version.

Desktop app or web browser

iPad mini

iPhone 6